Becky Spiewak leaning on a piano Becky Spiewak

Coordinator of Events

Becky Spiewak joined the Music Will team as Coordinator of Events in February 2022. In this role, Becky coordinates logistics and planning for the annual Modern Band Summit, as well as other organizational events throughout the year. She is an alum of Miami University (and the MU Steel Band) and previously worked as Education Programs Manager at both the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Seattle Symphony producing concerts and events for youth and families. Becky is a life-long dancer, having spent her youth competing with Aspire Dance Company and now teaching students in jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary. Thanks to a deep love and connection to music, she still enjoys piano, steel drums, and picking up an occasional new instrument, in addition to seeing live music of any kind including jam, classical, electronic and more. Becky is so excited to share her love of music and music-making through the amazing work of Music Will!