Brianne is wearing a patterned blouse and holding a ukulele as though she is playing it.Brianne Giordano

Senior Coordinator of Marketing

Brianne joined the Music Will team in April 2022 as Senior Coordinator of Marketing. Bringing 4 years of digital marketing agency experience to this role, she works closely with other team members across the program, development, and technology departments to drive Music Will’s marketing and communication initiatives and creatively share the organization’s inspiring story across multiple digital channels including the website and social media platforms.
As a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who also dabbles in keyboard and ukulele (along with an extremely brief stint playing flute – suffice to say wind instruments are not her forte), Brianne has a close tie to the Music Will mission. She accredits her lifelong love of all things music, in large part, to the prominent influence of the many passionate music educators who shaped her musical journey and helped her to find and share her voice.
As a unique perk of residing at the Jersey Shore, Brianne enjoys strolling the local boardwalk and spending time at the beach. She is also an avid John Mayer fan and loves discussing crystals, astrology, and her beloved dog, Owen.