Moving the Needle from Access to Participation

The increased presence of modern band and popular music education at the primary and secondary levels in the United States presents forward-looking music teacher education programs with an excellent opportunity to fully prepare their students to teach in districts with modern band programs and, more broadly, in the classrooms of tomorrow.

As a leader in the field of culturally relevant, student-centered and inclusive music education, we partner with colleges and universities to help develop leadership and sustainable coursework in popular music education approaches. The Modern Band Higher Education Fellowship (MBHEF) is an opportunity for tenure-track music education professors to receive instruction in incorporating modern band pedagogies into pre-service music teacher education programs and receive hands-on instruction in playing popular music instruments. Why modern band in higher education?

We are now accepting applications for future Modern Band Fellowships

The next Modern Band Fellowship will take place from July 11-16, 2022 in Fort Collins, CO.
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Educators selected to become Modern Band Higher Education Fellows will receive all of the following resources for themselves and their institutions:

  • A week-long professional development
  • A travel stipend and lodging
  • Modern band instruments (guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, tech equipment etc.) for use with their music education majors
  • Complete class sets of curricular materials for use in their programs
  • Access to the shared syllabi of all other Modern Band Higher Education Fellows
  • Membership in the Music Will educator network which supplies ongoing professional development opportunities, curricular resources and networking opportunities with other educators interested in culturally responsive, student-centered and inclusive music education.
  • Opt-in registration to the Music Will teacher network for your music education majors.
  • A travel stipend to attend the Modern Band Summit


  • A signed letter of support from your department chair.
  • Creation and sharing of a syllabus/syllabi post-workshop that incorporate(s) modern band. These courses can be:
    • a stand-alone mandatory course
    • part of an ongoing, mandatory course
    • part of an elective course
  • Three-year commitment to run these courses at your institution.
  • Class start date within one calendar year of acceptance to the program.
  • Share class enrollment, and total music ed enrollment numbers with us
  • Agree to administer a pre-course and post-course survey with student participants.