For any questions, please contact us at mbsummit@littlekidsrock.org!


How much does it cost to register for the conference?

The full conference is just $15 for Music Will teachers and $25 for the general public, but increases on June 10, 2021. Register today!

How do I register for the conference?

Head over to our registration page and fill out the form. You’ll receive a registration confirmation via email.

I registered. Now what?

You should receive an email in June prompting you to access our conference platform. From there, you’ll be able to build your personal conference schedule!

Do I have to be a teacher to register for the conference?

Although our sessions are tailored to classroom teachers, you do not have to be a teacher to attend the conference! Non-teachers may register under ‘other’ when filling out the registration form.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I register for the conference?

Yes! We welcome school teachers from around the world to enjoy the Virtual Modern Band Summit.

Whoops! I registered twice.

No problem; let’s get you a refund! Email us at mbsummit@littlekidsrock.org and we’ll help you out.

I didn’t receive a registration confirmation.

If you do not see your confirmation in your spam or promotions folder, email us at mbsummit@littlekidsrock.org and we can confirm your registration!

I’m receiving an error when I try to pay for registration.

Email us at mbsummit@littlekidsrock.org with either a screenshot of the error message or the error code and we’ll get you registered!

I was charged more than once for registration.

Sorry about that! Email mbsummit@littlekidsrock.org with the dates of your transactions and we’ll help you out.


How do I join my session?

You can join a session 1 minute before it is scheduled to begin. Click on the session that you are interested in; then click the orange “Join Meeting” button to access the session.

How do I move between sessions?

You can jump to another session occurring in the same time slot by heading back to the schedule page, clicking the session you’re interested in, and clicking the “Join Meeting” button.

How do I move between sessions?

You can jump to another session occurring in the same time slot by heading back to the schedule page, clicking the session you’re interested in, and clicking the “Join Meeting” button.

How do I ask a question in a session?

The chat window in each session is set up so that you can communicate directly with the presenter or room monitor. Ask away!

Will conference sessions be recorded and made available later?

Yes! The entire conference is being recorded and will be made available for free after the event. We hope to have recordings available within two weeks of the close of the conference.

Will I be able to contact the presenters directly?

Many presenters will offer you their email addresses during their session, but we will not be able to provide presenter contact information, sorry!

Can I record a session myself or use images/video/slides from the presentation in my own work?

All of the sessions are protected by United States Copyright Law and are not to be recorded, shared, or duplicated in any way. The content of each session is the intellectual property of the presenter, including their slide presentations and other materials. Should the presenters desire to share these materials, they will be provided for you in the session. If it is not provided in the session or already publicly available, you may assume it will not be provided to you.


Do I need to download anything to enjoy the conference?

Nope! The conference can be accessed from your web browser so you can enjoy it without downloading any additional software.  We recommend using Google Chrome or Safari as your browser of choice for the conference.

Is there an app for my mobile phone?

Though there is not a dedicated app for the Modern Band Summit, the conference site functions well on mobile devices, so you’ll be able to enjoy all conference content on your smartphone or tablet.

Will I see the other attendees on video? Will I see myself on video?

No! You will only see the presenters on video during breakout sessions, unless the presenter chooses to spotlight an attendee during an activity. You may choose whether or not to turn your camera on during social sessions.

I am experiencing an issue. How do I get in touch with Music Will?

Email us at mbsummit@littlekidsrock.org and we’ll be happy to help you out!


How do I communicate with fellow attendees?

Join the Virtual Modern Band Summit Facebook group to talk to other attendees leading up to and during the conference! You can also contact groups of attendees at any point during the conference by scheduling a meeting under the “Schedule” header.

What are the different ways to earn raffle tickets?

Check out the Raffle tab on the conference site for a list of ways to start earning tickets today!

How can I see how many raffle tickets I’ve collected?

Your total will be available to view on your profile on the conference site at all times! Just check the Raffle tab to view the leaderboards.

What raffle items are being offered?

Our prizes this year are awesome! Please see the Raffle tab on the conference site for complete prize information.


How many Professional Development (PD) Hours will be offered at the conference?

General attendees may earn up to a maximum of 15 PD hours over the course of the conference. Illinois state educators may earn up to a maximum of 11.5 total hours. Attendees who complete the Modern Band 101 or Modern Band 102 courses at the conference will receive an additional 6 PD hours (for a maximum total of 21 hours for most educators, or 17.5 hours for Illinois state educators). In order to earn the maximum number of PD hours, please plan to attend each session in its entirety.

What is the process for claiming PD hours?

  • NON-ILLINOIS EDUCATORS: You do not need to take any action to claim your PD hours other than registering for Modern Band Summit. After the conference, you will be emailed a digital certificate good for the number of PD hours you attended. It’s as easy as that!
  • ILLINOIS EDUCATORS ONLY: You will be provided a link to sign in and out at the beginning and at the end of each day. Please remember to do so in order to receive PD hours. You will need to have your ISBE IEN number handy which you can find on your profile at the Illinois State Board of Education website.

Will I get a certificate for PD hours?

Yes! Our system will track how many hours you attended. You will receive a certificate for your PD hours via email 1-2 weeks following the conference. Attendees who complete the Modern Band 101 and Modern Band 102 courses will receive an additional certificate for 6 PD hours.


How can I make sure I have the best possible experience?

Make sure you have a dedicated and robust internet connection, and a quiet spot where you can focus and engage. Be ready to download the handouts, chat with your fellow attendees, and participate!

Where can I buy Modern Band Summit merchandise?

Check out our Modern Band Summit merchandise available for purchase online! Any orders placed will be shipped directly to your designated address prior to the conference start date of July 14, 2021. Wear your apparel or keep your swag on hand during the conference! Note that all proceeds from merchandise sales go directly to supporting Music Will’s work.

Once I attend the conference, will I be considered a Music Will teacher?

If you haven’t yet taken the Modern Band 101 course and do so at the conference, you will have the opportunity to register as a Music Will teacher.

Can I share my access with a friend?

Virtual Modern Band Summit content is for paid registrants only. Registration is just $25 for the public (increasing to $32 on 6/1!), and all are welcome to purchase their own registration and join us!

What do I do if I have other questions?

Email us at mbsummit@littlekidsrock.org and we’ll be happy to help you out!

What happens if I missed a module of the Modern Band 101 course?

Unfortunately, if you miss a module, you will not be able to continue with the Modern Band 101 course at the conference. However, you are still welcome to enjoy all the other breakout sessions and other conference events and activities. Furthermore, we hold the Modern Band 101 course regularly and you are welcome to retake it anytime, free of charge. See our Professional Development page for opportunities to take Modern Band 101.