Native American Music Resources

Foundational elements of Native American music have influenced us all and present-day music makers are telling important stories from which we could learn.

Music Will Song Pack

We’ve created a Song Pack that has been shared with thousands of teachers in our network and highlights Indigenous American artists across a wide variety of styles, locations, and eras including:

Stella Standingbear

Jayli Wolf

Nataanii Means

Additional Resources

Rumble Documentary

Native American Music Awards


Native American Music

Music Workshop

We encourage you to explore additional information and resources at IllumiNative and The Red Road.

Expanding Native American Music Education

Including the study of diverse music in music education is not only important for developing cultural understanding but also for representation — helping all students to feel seen and valued. Educators across the country are working to bring culturally responsive music education into classrooms but this is no small task, and we need your support to make this vision a reality.

Support the Work

Help us to continue our community listening and planning efforts to better understand the needs of schools that serve Native youth. Starting in Oklahoma, the state with the largest Native American populations yet the lowest funding towards Native American education curricula (NCAI 2019), this is just the beginning of a year-round, nationwide initiative.

The Power of Music Education

Music education makes a lasting impact on students both in and out of the classroom. And our culturally-relevant approach to music education empowers students to make musical decisions based in their interests, experiences, and culture.


graduation rate for schools with music programs compared to 72.9% without.

NAMM Foundation


of teachers reported that students are more willing to express themselves since they began implementing a modern band program.


of teachers reported that Music Will has helped them teach music genres that are culturally relevant to the students they serve.

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