Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, and another opportunity to share the impactful work Music Will teachers do to provide meaningful music education for their students. Music Will teachers across the country provide inclusive music programs that are accessible to all different learning styles. Instruments like guitar, drums and vocals [...]

By |October 12, 2020|

How Music Has Changed Every Part of My Life

Music reaches all corners of the globe. It is everywhere and for everyone. My appreciation for music started before I even knew it. At the tender age of 4, I recall standing in church, in awe of the drum set while the musicians played my favorite video game theme song. [...]

By |August 30, 2020|

Happy World Music Day!

Currently, young children growing up in Haiti are faced with an abundance of daily life struggles. The infamous earthquake of 2010 left many parts of the country decimated, with little access to food, water, shelter, and other necessities. Children across the county seek to find that one thing to help lift their [...]

By |June 22, 2017|

JamFest Los Angeles Closes 2016-17 School Year with a Bang!

DAY 1 PHOTO GALLERY         DAY 2 PHOTO GALLERY The 2017 Music Will JamFest in Los Angeles took place over two days at the legendary Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip. The annual event featured over 20 Modern Bands from schools in the LA area including LAUSD, PUSD [...]

By |June 8, 2017|
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