July 10-12, 2024

Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO

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About the Annual Modern Band Summit

The Modern Band Summit is a professional development conference like no other! For three days, music educators from all over the country come together to learn, teach, play music, and experience the modern band curriculum. This is the premiere gathering for those passionate about the rising tide of culturally-responsive music education — teachers, district and state arts administrators, university professors, artists, advocacy groups, instrument manufacturers, and other experts. Whether you’re a new teacher or a seasoned educator, the Modern Band Summit is the only conference you need to achieve your professional development goals. You will leave with hands-on experience, new tools, and innovative techniques to transform your classroom and impact even more students!

Why You Should Attend the Modern Band Summit

Quality Training

We select every speaker and presenter based on their knowledge, integrity, and training experience. You will meet real pros from across the global modern band education community who provide real, actionable insights and hands-on training that you will be able to apply in the classroom immediately.

Professional Development

Attendees can receive a certificate for up to 15 hours of professional development. Please check with your district regarding its acceptance policy and certification protocol.


You will forge lifelong relationships with people who become like family — your go-to group of peers whom you can ask any question or lean on for support.

Educational Resources

By attending the Modern Band Summit, you become a part of the Music Will community. You will gain exclusive access to ongoing resources and support that will continue to guide you on your teaching journey.


Modern band is so much more than curriculum – it’s a movement that brings cultural responsiveness to music education that has been missing in the past. You will leave excited about the upcoming school year, prepared with new ways to engage your students and get them excited to learn about music.

"This is a grassroots movement that is going to make a huge difference. I think it could revolutionize music education as we know it."

David E.

Professor of Music at NYU – New York

"I'm here at the summit simply because it is the best training I have ever received."

Zach H.

Teacher – Helena, MT

“Modern Band Summit is something I look forward to every year. It is the best professional development conference I have attended in my 24 years of being a music educator."

DeWayne E.

Teacher – Lakewood, CO

“Modern band will change US music education. It will catch fire and spread to every school district. I am proud and ecstatic to be a part of this movement and plan to move mountains to spread the word.”

Maria F.

Teacher – Los Angeles, CA

"Every session was a golden nugget of teaching happiness. It wasn't the traditional music program. This was a way to make music immediately accessible for our students in a way that kids would want to be a part of.”

Barbara “Bobbie” G.

Teacher – Watsonville, CA

"I am always blown away by the high-quality professional development opportunities provided at the Summit. I feel supported and empowered in so many ways. I am proud to be a part of this community.”

Emmeline M.

Teacher – Surrey, British Columbia

“I learned motivating, engaging strategies for composition, improvisation, speech, and rap that I will utilize in the classroom immediately when students return in the fall. Thank you!”

Heidi F.

Teacher – Chicago, IL

“Modern band truly changed my life. I know that sounds crazy, but it did! I was burned out and I was losing my passion for teaching. I attended the 101 workshop with a few of my colleagues and I found my passion again! Thank you a million times over!”

Jennifer G.

Teacher – Longmont, CO

“The Modern Band Summit is by far the best professional development I have and likely ever will receive. It's so much more than just the conference and the sessions. It's the community, the events, the way the staff is connected and involved, and so much more.”

Nicole G.

Teacher – Falls Church, VA

"This was my first Modern Band Summit professional development event. I cannot wait to get started with my young musicians to begin teaching all the amazing things I've learned. Thank you all for this amazing experience. Your energy and enthusiasm was through the roof!"

Nadine B.

Teacher – Machias, ME