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Our in-person and online workshops are designed to instill knowledge and confidence in educators so they can deliver an impactful music program for students.

With these workshops, you’ll receive feedback from a real human being on your progress. You’ll have the opportunity to earn CEU certificates to share with your district. You’ll also gain access to valuable downloadable resources.


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"This is a grassroots movement that is going to make a huge difference. I think it could revolutionize music education as we know it."

David E.

Professor of Music at NYU – New York

"I’m so excited to have experienced how fun and easy this can be for beginner students, and am thrilled to now have two electric guitars, a keyboard and Jam Cards to get them started with this. We are ready to rock!”

Sarah Vance

Elementary School Music Teacher, Fort Collins, CO

"I am always blown away by the high-quality professional development opportunities provided [by Music Will]. I feel supported and empowered in so many ways. I am proud to be a part of this community.”

Emmeline M.

Teacher – Surrey, British Columbia

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