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Where Are They Now? Alexis Aguilar

Meet, Alexis Aguilar a former Music Will student and intern at the organization, music instructor, and an industry professional from Jersey City, NJ.

Alexis started with Music Will back in 2012 at Franklin L. Williams Middle School #7 in Jersey City. He was involved in John Flora’s modern band program and credits Mr. Flora, including several other mentors for “encouraging him to continue playing and to not lose track of the fun and beauty of making music.” During this time, Alexis’ friend, Ignacio (who was also a Music Will student), formed a band together known as The White Skies. Alexis feels lucky to have met his bandmate through the program because not only did Igancio mentor him in the early stages of playing guitar, but their experience playing together is what got Alexis playing gigs and blossoming into the musician he is today. One of his favorite memories was participating in Ignacio’s music video! 

Once Alexis entered high school, he began working as a music instructor at New City Kids, a nonprofit that offers after-school programming for local low-income youth. As a fresh alumni of the modern band program, he used the tools that were taught by Mr. Flora to teach his own 1st – 8th-grade students. He reflects that nearly a decade later, many of his students remember the influence he had on them. 

“It’s a heartwarming feeling seeing your students grow and them viewing me as their mentor. In a sense, I sort of understand what Mr. Flora and other teachers feel when they positively influence their students.”

It’s clear that Alexis is not only a natural teacher with a passionate heart, but someone who has a whole future ahead of him, with many accomplishments already under their belt. As an intern with Music Will, Alexis provided important support to thousands of teachers across the country. His experience as a student, instructor, and colleague at Music Will helped him serve our community in deep and meaningful ways. He brought joyful and authentic energy when joining us at Modern Band Summit and became a living example of Music Will’s mission to transform lives by transforming music education.

Alexis on stage with Bootsy Collins' keynote at Modern Band Summit 2023.

Alexis on stage with Bootsy Collins’ keynote at Modern Band Summit 2023.

“If I did not become involved with music, I would have become a street kid continuing to cause mischief. I would not have any aspirations and let my days go by. It was because of music that I stopped surrounding myself with troublemakers and became passionate about what I do.”

Additionally, through his musical journey, Alexis was accepted into college as a Music Major, expanded his teaching practice, became a touring professional with musician, Coopuh the Savage, and has met artists such as David Byrn, Billy Squier, Jake Clemmons, Bootsy Collins, Darlene Love, Christian McBride, and Jonny Craig along the way!

“Music Will: make you better, stronger and open new doors.” 

Alexis, we are so proud of you and your many accomplishments. We will always be your biggest fans and cannot wait to see where the future takes you! You can join us in following along in Alexis’ endeavors as a guitarist, bassist, and producer here

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