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Through professional development workshops and comprehensive curriculum, Music Will provides everything teachers need to establish a standards-based music education program in their school or community. Read more about how modern band programming is aligned to the California Arts Standards and National Core Arts Standards.

Our professional development workshops are designed to guide educators through our Modern Band pedagogy and how to implement it across P-12 classrooms. Professional development opportunities for non-certificated music teachers is available as well! To get started, email [email protected] for a free consultation, pricing, and availability.

What Makes Modern Band Unique?

We take a student-led and culturally-relevant approach to music education through our modern band program, which teaches students popular genres such as rock, pop, R&B, Latin, rap, and country along with styles more typically found in school programs such as classical and jazz. 


of teachers reported that their modern band class engaged students that were not engaged in school music before.


of teachers reported that students are more willing to express themselves since they began implementing a modern band program.


of teachers reported that Music Will has helped them teach music genres that are culturally relevant to the students they serve.

“Students are able to see themselves reflected in the curriculum and are culturally validated as the music is representative of their identity.”

California Arts Education Framework

Modern Band in Action

Enjoy this collection of original songs written and performed by Music Will students utilizing the skills they learned in their Modern Band classrooms.

Training, Supplies, and Materials for Your Music Program

When teachers register as a Music Will Educator, they have access to a lifetime of benefits, including:

Professional Development

Single and multi-day workshops and professional development as well as a 3-day national summer conference for educators and administrators

Curricular Resources

Online educator and student resources, including instrument lessons, song charts, and best practices

Modern Band Method Books

Modern Band Method Series, published by Hal Leonard, for guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and ukulele

Discounted Instruments

Discounts on Modern Band classroom instruments and other equipment

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"I've been teaching for years and seen many different models but [Music Will] is one of the best programs I've ever participated in. It's the most equitable in terms of kids. They love it. [Music Will] teaches not only teaches us the skills but also provides us with resources to continue by supporting the teacher with a pedagogy."

Judy Toupin

Teacher, SF Unified School District

“I have to tell you I'm having the time of my life with my [Music Will] guitar class. We began with 8 students and now have 14 who are so enthusiastic. Seeing kids "run" into my room before school and between classes to talk music or simply tell me what they have been up to is such a change in the culture of the school.”

Mark Davis

Teacher, Emery Unified School District

“The story is always the same... they come back to play music because what [Music Will] has provided (curriculum, guitars, events & opportunities) has changed their life.”

Ms. Desiree Fowler

Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

“[Music Will] enabled our school to have instruments for students to play, drums to drum, music and singing to occur. [Music Will] brought laughter and smiles to students who would not have had the experience of enjoying music. [Music Will] allowed an entire Middle School to enjoy a music assembly and watch their fellow students perform. [Music Will] brought successful adult musician to our school to talk with students about music and living their dreams.”

James S. Dierke

Principal, San Francisco Unified School District

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