Hip Hop Round Table “Enter The Cypher”

Music Will brought together six education scholars and culture bearers in an initiative known as “Enter the Cypher,” to revolutionize a more in-depth Hip Hop curriculum. Members of the group include industry leaders; Martha Diaz, Toki Wright, Y Guy, Queen Herawin, J Rawls and Carla Becker. 

The members of “Enter the Cypher” initiative will convene in the birthplace of Hip Hop, Bronx, New York for a Hip Hop Education Retreat. During this time, the group will develop and draft the first ever Hip Hop Guidelines. This framework will serve as a standards-based blueprint for schools and educators to establish and nurture their own cypher-based programs. Additionally, the group intends to share the work with the larger Hip Hop Education community at the Hip Hop Education Conference in their unique cypher format. 

Incorporating relevant music, such as hip-hop, into our music curriculum not only empowers our students, but fosters an inclusive environment that acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of our Music Will community. In doing so, we equip our students by bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world. We are committed to embracing the cultural richness of music and using it as a vehicle for self-expression. 

The demand for a new Hip Hop curriculum by Modern Band teachers became clear at Music Will’s 2022 Modern Band Summit when the top performing workshops were Hip Hop focused. Y? And J Rawls, members of “Enter the Cypher” will be present at Music Will’s 2023 Modern Band Summit, hosting the Hip Hop Round Table Panel. Modern Band Summit attendees will be some of the first to hear the findings and developments of the standards-based blueprint. 

If you are a music teacher, music maker or Hip Hop lover, you can start applying your in-person or virtual learnings by registering to Modern Band Summit here: https://bit.ly/MBS2023registration

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