In Sonoma, the School Year Starts and Ends with Rock n’ Roll

At Music Will HQ, we get to see tons of great pictures and videos every day of kids learning to play music – and then performing for their friends, families and communities. So when the school year came to close recently, we were proud to hear about the thousands of kids showing off all their hard work in end of year rock concerts across the country.

I think these pictures from a recent Music Will student concert held in Sonoma, California are too inspiring to keep to ourselves.

After months of fun and learning to play music, the extremely talented and bi-lingual 4th and 5th grade students of Flowery Elementary School performed in front of a crowd of parents, teachers and community members. On the play list were popular songs from Guns ‘n Roses and MGMT, sung in both English and Spanish.

Huge thanks to the program’s dedicated teachers Greg Campbell, Matt Pope and Krista McAtee for making this happen. And congrats to the students on a great concert! As promised, here are a few shots of the kids rockin’:

Kids Performing

Students perform at the concert for parents and teachers.

Music Will Sonoma

Student Emma Bartolome holding her Music Will guitar after the concert!

Posing with Guitar

Student Kevin Saavedra with his electric guitar, standing with teacher Matt Pope.

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