Joshua Radin Visits Music Will Students From 6 Cities

It’s a brand new day for music education. Rising star Joshua Radin has visited Music Will classrooms in six cities (Atlanta, Nashville, Tampa, Philadelphia, New York City and San Francisco) to give a guest lesson in which he taught the kids how to play his hit song, “Brand New Day.”


The evening after each visit, Radin invited kids from each class to join him onstage at his concert to play the song.

While Radin gave the students their first opportunity to perform with a professional musician in front of thousands of screaming fans, the students gave Radin the chance to revisit his roots as a schoolteacher.

“It’s a really cool program,” Radin said of Music Will. “The first thing that always gets cut in public school education is the arts, which is such a shame. It’s up to all of us to contribute as well.”

Cities Joshua Radin Visited:

– Atlanta: 2/3 – Atlanta Journal Constitution article

– Nashville: 2/4 – WZTZ Fox News Clip

– Tampa: 2/8 – Video of Music Will students performing with Joshua Radin on stage

– Philadelphia: 2/14 – Photos, videos and recap from teacher’s point of view

– New York City: 2/16 – Video of Joshua and Music Will students play “Brand New Day” at school

– San Francisco: 3/11

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