Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, and another opportunity to share the impactful work Music Will teachers do to provide meaningful music education for their students. Music Will teachers across the country provide inclusive music programs that are accessible to all different learning styles.

Instruments like guitar, drums and vocals can be easier for some students to play! Playing songs that students know and love? That can help provide a sense of familiarity to make learning more fun! By pairing popular music with easy-to-play instruments, students of all learning styles are able to benefit in the joys of making music.

Katherine Stock, a Music Will teacher in New York City, has been working with students with disabilities for twelve years. She is currently teaching Music Will’s music program at P721Q, the John F. Kennedy Jr. School in Queens, NY. In Katherine’s twelve years with District 75, she has directed and co-directed over 40 performances including musicals, concerts and other multi-disciplinary performances! Katherine shared, “Music Will’s program uses methodologies that cater to different learning styles which is why it is so accessible to my students. So many of my students are able to shine and display their talents because Music Will helps to amplify their voices.”

In addition to her work at P721Q, Katherine is a freelance percussionist and drummer in New York City, performing with various orchestras, ensembles and bands. She is a graduate of the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College with a Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance and a Masters Degree in Music Education.

Thank you, Katherine, for your amazing work that provides positive impact for so many exceptional students.

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