The Language of Music; The Art of the Jam

Do you ever wish you could communicate with someone without using words? Talk telepathically, or have a conversation with your eyes?

At Music Will, we believe that this is possible when you understand the language of music and the art of the jam. To be able to jam, to make music with another human being without reading sheet music or practicing prior, is a great feeling and can have a very positive impact on people, especially children. Various studies have shown that music instruction enhances reading and cognitive development in addition to spatial-temporal development (more on the importance of music here.

With a recent donation of an electric guitar and drum kit to a New York City public school Music Will class, 10-year-olds Dwayne (drums) and Peter (guitar) decided to communicate. Dwayne starts a beat and Peter mimics it with his guitar.

“I am only playing 2 chords and having so much fun!” exclaims Peter.

Isn’t it amazing the way they can create music together, in harmony, without any practice or exchange of words? How they crescendo and decrescendo based on their facial expressions? The way they engage by listening to one another? They are building something together – the beginning of a song. They are creating music, having fun, learning, and deepening their relationship, all without words.

This video is a powerful testament to how music can be a language unto itself that spans race, religion, social status, gender, age and many more boundaries that are present in our world. The art of the jam is one that can bring people together, and this art form, as Dwayne and Peter have shown, is not difficult to learn.

If two children can jam happily together in school, then the future of our world is looking brighter than ever.

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