Wilson Middle School Students ‘Tear Up’ Glendale for Kenny Loggins’ Special Visit and Instrument Donation

Loggins delivers instruments and shares advice on music and life with students at Wilson Middle School. 


Students at Wilson Middle School in Glendale anxiously awaited a visitor to their school on Thursday, January 26th. For weeks they had been learning about the contributions to music of iconic singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins, and that award winning musician would hear them play one of his most famous songs.

With instruments in hand in front of a hand-drawn “welcome” backdrop, the class played the familiar opening riff of “Footloose” for the man that made it famous.

“I’m very impressed,” Loggins told the students afterward. “That’s a lot of sound coming out of this room — it’s big. I’m also really impressed that you picked ‘Footloose’ because that bass line is not easy.” He went on to chat with the students and give his insight into the world of music. The students told Music Will the experience was “life-changing.”

“It’s going to be an experience I’m going to remember for the rest of my life,” 13-year-old Nyeli Parra said.

“He changed music history, and to be able to sing with a guy like that, I think it was a really great experience,” 13-year-old fellow band-mate Ella Beyer added. “It helped me to have more confidence to just go out there and do what you love to do.”

For more, check out the article from Kelly Corrigan at the Glendale News-Press section of the LA Times. 

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