Adam Federkiewicz headshot

Adam Federkiewicz

Manager, Technology Infrastructure & Security

Adam brings a rich blend of professional experience and personal passion to his role as Manager, Technology Infrastructure & Security at Music Will. With 7 years of expertise in the public education technology sphere, Adam is dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance music education and empower teachers and students alike.
Prior to joining Music Will, Adam held roles at UConn Health and Plymouth Public Schools in Connecticut, where he spearheaded innovative technology initiatives to support teaching and learning in the classroom.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Central Connecticut State University, providing him with a strong foundation in critical thinking, research, and problem-solving skills that he applies to his work in technology.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Adam is deeply connected to music, finding solace and inspiration through playing guitar and singing. His musical influences range from Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen to The Beatles, Charles Mingus, and Billie Holiday, reflecting his eclectic taste and appreciation for diverse genres.

Born and raised in New Britain, Connecticut, Adam currently resides in Southington, Connecticut with his partner. In his free time, he indulges in a variety of hobbies including cooking, baking, gardening, DIY projects, video games, and continuous learning.

While Adam doesn’t have any pets yet, he and his partner look forward to welcoming a furry canine companion into their home in the near future.

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