Giles Lemmens

Manager, Finance & Administration

Giles Lemmens joined Music Will in January of 2023 as the Manager, Finance and Administration and is a Chicago-based arts nonprofit professional with a concentration in finance and operations. Prior to joining Music Will, Giles served as the Finance and Administration Manager for Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education and as the Executive Director for Windy City Performing Arts. He has experience working with nonprofits on improving financial systems, implementing automations and efficiencies to increase their administrative capacity.

Giles’s passion for the arts and music started when he picked up the trumpet in 6th grade band, instantly making a connection. He would go on to earn his degree in Music Education from the University of Georgia, studying trumpet with David Bilger, principal of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra for over 20 years. While at UGA, Giles was a lead trumpet player in the Redcoat Marching Band, winner of the Olin G. Parker Composition Competition, and one of four students selected to serve as a Conductor’s Apprentice. After graduating, Giles obtained a graduate certificate in arts administration from the University of Connecticut and moved to Chicago to pursue a career in arts nonprofit management.

Outside of work, Giles can be found in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, running his dogs Jack (a one-eyed Shih Tzu mix) and Cash (a border collie) in agility, or spending time exploring restaurants in the city with his wife and friends.

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